Periyava Mahimai – October Newsletter

Sage of Kanchi

This posting has been tremendously delayed due to so much of work etc. My apologies. Here is the October release.

(1) I have read about the first incident in some Tamil magazines etc but did not know that this was an experience of Professor Sundararaman mama. The last line of what Periyava said is quite amazing – a mahan, doing an introspective of what His avataram and expressing it is unique!

(2) Second incident – classic example of how Periyava has immensely blessed those who have done enormous kainkaryam not just to Him but also to the Matam is known through this incident. Who would get such baghyam?

A request – can someone post sanskrit,Tamil & English version of Shiva Mahima Stotram so that we can all read this on Monday?

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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