Message for the Day…” May you all have steady devotion, and sacred, long, and happy life! May all your difficulties be removed! May you experience unalloyed bliss! May you have all this!”

What message can I give you for the day? As I see you, My heart overflows with love. When I see so many of you expressing your love for Me, there is no limit to My joy. I have not sent out invitations to any one of you. My love has drawn you to Me. Your love for God and God’s love for you is the true message and exchange that can happen between God and His devotee. Be happy and blissful. Increase your spiritual dimensions. My love is your greatest wealth and good fortune. This is My greatest gift to you. Take good care of this precious gift. This is My blessing to you on this day. Live with the firm conviction that there is one Divinity resident in all. May you all have steady devotion, and sacred, long, and happy life! May all your difficulties be removed! May you experience unalloyed bliss! May you have all this!




Message for the Day….” My grace is available in full measure for the benefit of all the devotees. “

What I have taken as a sankalpa (resolve) will surely be fructified. But I need not take on a sankalpa if I do not wish to. My own thoughts, sankalpas and ideas depend on how the devotees conduct themselves. My grace is available in full measure for the benefit of all the devotees. Since I move about like an ordinary individual talking and playing with you, many people do not understand My true nature. In this context, even people with great strength of mind cannot recognise the true nature of this Sai and the difference between the outward appearance and the real internal aspect. My objective is to establish unity in mankind and to reveal to them the aspect of divinity which is Brahman, the only goal which one should look for. It is also My duty to make you realise the kind of relationship that should exist between man and man, and that Divinity is present and latent in all human beings.




A Grandchild’s Emotional Letter to Their Grandparents….

Dear grandparents, you may not have noticed, but while your grandchildren paint in the living room or sleep after a full meal, they want to tell you some very important and touching things. Spending time with you fills them with strength, support, and love like no other. You are the ones who know how to comfort, spoil and encourage them, and the only price to enter your home and heart is just a hug and a kiss. Awesome grandparents, your grandkids are grateful for all of these and many more things, even if they don’t always make a point of saying so. If you could step into their thoughts, we’re sure that this is what you’d see they want to tell you…










There are people in the world who always know how to make us feel special.


Their love is endless as part parents, teachers and some even best friends.

They believe less in discipline and more in spoiling,
They are less concerned with the rules and much more with handing out treats.

Their home is our second home and a place where we are always greeted with a smile and open arms.

In moments when we need a caressing hand and an enthusiastic gaze, a sympathetic ear, and a warm embrace – they are always there.

When we tell them about our day, they are proud of us.
When they tell us about their lives, we are proud of where we came from.

They have silver hair and a gold heart that can always be trusted.

When it comes to “adults,” they’re the kind we like best!

They make soup for us when we are sick, watch the plays we put on, and soothe us when we get nervous.

Because of them, the world is a better and safer place.

Everyone is busy, but they always have time for us
Everyone is in a hurry, but they always have time for another kiss and a wish for our safety.

At their dining table you can find our favorite food:
A generous dose of devotion, spiced with attention and lots of affection.

They always give us the feeling that they’ve waited all day to see us and that everything became instantly better as soon as we arrived.

They are our grandparents and the source of the most complete, sweet and encompassing love we have in our lives.

Thank you for dreams that come true – we will always remember that grandparents are wonderful people!




Joke of the Day… ” You are welcome…. ” !!!

A famous professor of surgery died and went to heaven.

At the pearly gates he was asked by the gatekeeper: “Have you ever committed a sin you truly regret?”

“Yes,” the professor answered.

“When I was a young candidate at the Hospital of Saint Lucas, we played soccer against a team from the Community Hospital, and I scored a goal, which was off-side. But the referee did not see it, and the goal won us the match. I regret that now.”

Well,” said the gatekeeper. “That is a very minor sin. You may enter.”

“Thank you very much, Saint Peter,” the professor answered.

“You’re welcome, but I am not Saint Peter,” said the gatekeeper. “He is having his lunch break. I am Saint Lucas.”



Message for the Day…. ” You will have everything in life if you have love in you. Never hate anybody. Make this your goal in life. This is My message for you today”


You cannot attain God by your wealth. God can be attained only through devotion. Satyabhama in her pride hoped to possess Krishna all for herself by her wealth. She chose to weigh Him against the huge amount of gold she possessed, and failed. Narada made her realise her folly by showing that a single basil (Tulasi) leaf offered by Rukmini with real devotion exceeded all the wealth of Satyabhama. Satyabhama symbolises desire while Rukmini represents devotion. Krishna says that He is pleased with the offering of a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water. Do not take this literally. Your body is the leaf, the flower is the blossom of your heart, your mind is the fruit, and the tears of joy is the water – these are the acceptable offerings to God. You will have everything in life if you have love in you. Never hate anybody. Make this your goal in life. This is My message for you today!



வாரம் ஒரு கவிதை …” சமூக குற்றம் “


சமூக குற்றம்
அடுக்கடுக்காய் அதிர்வலைகள் … நெஞ்சத்தை
நொறுக்கும் தொடர்கதைகள் … தினம் தினம் !
காஷ்மீரத்துக் குட்டி தேவதை அவள் வீட்டு
தோட்டத்தில் விளையாடும் நேரம்  அவளை வளைத்து
வதைத்து ,சிதைத்து விட்டதே ஒரு வெறி நாய் கூட்டம் !
பதறுதே மனம் அந்த பிஞ்சு முகம் பார்த்து !
குற்றப் பதிவும் விசாரணையும் தேவையா
அந்த கயவர்  செயலுக்கு ?
மனிதன் செய்யும் தவறுக்குதான் விசாரணையும்
தண்டனையும் நீதி மன்றத்தில் !
ஏதும் அறிய ஒரு இளம் பிஞ்சை வதைத்து
சிதைத்த இந்த மிருக கும்பலுக்கு எதற்கு
மனித விசாரணை ?
அடைக்க வேண்டாமா  அந்த கும்பலை
உயிருடன் ஒரு மிருகத்தின் கூண்டுக்குள் ?
அடி பட்டு வதை பட்டு  சிதைய வேண்டாமா
அந்த வெறி நாய் கூட்டம் ?
சரியான தண்டனை அதுதான் அந்த மிருகக்
கூட்டம் செய்த குற்றத்துக்கு !  அப்படி ஒரு
சட்டம் வேண்டும் என்று நாம் குரல் கொடுப்போம்
இன்று … வந்து விட்டது அதற்கும்  நேரம் !
குரல் கொடுக்க இப்போது நாம் மறந்தால் ,
மறுத்தால் … குற்றவாளிதான் நாமும் !
“சமூக குற்றவாளி” …!
நம் குழந்தைகளும் மன்னிக்க மாட்டார்
சமூக குற்றவாளி நம்மை !
in  dated  22nd April 2018