Message for the Day…” Avoid bad company and always be in good company. Do not develop hatred towards anyone. Whomever you come across, consider them as embodiments of Divinity and salute them”

The ten-day Dasara festival is meant to encourage you to control your ten senses. Legend says that Goddess Chamundi killed the demon Mahisha during this Dasara festival. What is the inner meaning of this story? We should not under any circumstance associate ourselves with demons. Your thoughts, words and actions must be pure, worthy of being human and not demoniac. Avoid bad company and always be in good company. Do not develop hatred towards anyone. Whomever you come across, consider them as embodiments of Divinity and salute them. Always speak truth, observe righteousness (Dharma). Be peaceful. Be happy and blissful. You should conduct yourself with love in society. I am suffused with love. I distribute that love to one and all. I do not hate anyone. I have no selfishness at all! My love is selfless love. Love is My property. You all are heirs to that property. Love is God, God is Love. Hence, live in love.



வாரம் ஒரு கவிதை…. ” இடைவெளி “

இணையத்தின் துணையால் இந்த உலகே
இடைவெளி இல்லா ஒரே சமவெளி ஆனதே !
ஆயிரம் ஆயிரம் மைலுக்கு அப்பால்
இருந்தாலும் இணையத்தின் இணைப்பு
இணைக்குது   பல உறவுகளை இடைவெளி
தெரியாமல் !
இருக்கும் இடத்தில் பாச உறவுகளை
மறக்க வைத்து இடைவேளை  என்று
ஒன்று இல்லாமல் ஒரு சிலரை தன்
வலையில் சிக்க வைத்து வேடிக்கை
பார்ப்பதும் அதே இணையம்தான் !
இணையம் தேவை நமக்கு நம் உறவுகளின்
உறவை மேலும் மேலும் வலுப்படுத்த !
இணையத்தால் நம் உறவுகள் முறிந்து
இடைவெளி முளைக்கும் என்றால்  வேருடன்
களைவோம் நம் இணைய உறவை இன்றே !
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dated 14/10/2018

Message for the Day… “You should master the mind; do not become a slave to it.”

In the Mahavakya from the Vedas, Tat Twam Asi (That Thou Art), Tat denotes that which is outside and Twam stands for innate Divinity. It means that the same Divinity is present within and without. Antarbahischa Tatsarvam Vyapya Narayana Stitaha (That all pervasive God is present within and without). That which is seen, heard and experienced outside is nothing but the reflection, resound and reaction of the inner being. When reality is within, why crave for its reflection outside? It is sheer madness. Man is the embodiment of time. Man is the master of time. In order to understand one’s reality, one has to control the mind. Hence, it is said, master the mind and be a mastermind. The five elements that are seen outside are present in you. You are the master of the five elements. You should master the mind; do not become a slave to it.


Message for the Day….” Navaratri Festival teaches the profound truth of Maternal love …”

Everyone must consider it their foremost duty today to revere one’s own mother as divine and serve her, regardless of country or circumstance. If you cannot respect and serve your mother who bore you for nine months, brought you into the world and reared you over the years, who else are you likely to respect? Lord Sri Rama Himself declared that one’s mother and motherland are greater than even heaven. Maternal love is akin to that of the Creator who protects this infinite cosmos in countless ways. The Navaratri festival teaches this profound truth. One must remember that reverence to one’s own mother is one’s paramount duty. If one’s mother is unhappy, all the expenditure one incurs and all the worship one offers in the name of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati during the Navaratri festival will yield no fruit.


Message for the Day….” What is Prajanana…It is Constant -Integrated –Awareness”

Vedas have given four Mahavakyas (divine axioms) to the world. One of which is, Prajnanam Brahma (Knowledge is Divinity). What is Prajnana? Is it bookish knowledge? Is it the knowledge that is forgotten with the passage of time? Is it related to the experience of the body? No. Not at all. Prajnana is the unchanging and eternal principle, which is in you at all times and under all circumstances. People call it supreme knowledge but the correct translation for this term is Constant-Integrated-Awareness. Though God is present within, man goes in search of Him thinking that He is present only in a particular place. It is tantamount to somebody going in search of one’s own self elsewhere. Realise that the five elements present in you are the very forms of Divine. Divinity is present in every being. The life principle that flows through each and every nerve of the body is verily divine.


World’s longest non-stop flight takes off…..

The Singapore Airlines flight between Singapore and New York covers a distance of more than 15,000 kms.                                                                                                             







Alm ost five years after stopping the service, Singapore Airlines (SIA) has retaken the crown as the operator of the world’s longest commercial flight.

The Airbus A350-900ULR service between Singapore and New York Newark (EWR) covers a distance of approximately 15,336 km with a block time of 18 hours 45 minutes.

It will initially be served three times a week, departing Singapore on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Daily operations will commence from 18 October after an additional A350-900ULR aircraft enters service.

The previous longest flight in the world was Qatar Airways’ service between Auckland and Doha, which covers a distance of approximately 14,526 km and takes about 17 hours 30 minutes.

SIA is the world’s first customer for the new A350-900ULR, with seven on firm order with Airbus. The aircraft will be configured in a two-class layout, with 67 Business Class seats and 94 Premium Economy Class seats.

With a maximum take-off weight of 280 tonnes, the A350-900ULR is capable of flying more than 20 hours non-stop.

SIA served the Singapore-Newark until November 2013, when services were suspended after the aircraft used at the time, A340-500s, were returned to Airbus. By the time it was discontinued, the route was a 100-seat all-Business Class flight.

According to figures from Sabre Market Intelligence, the O&D market size between Singapore and New York is about 120,000 passengers annually. In the 12 months to the end of June 2018, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Tokyo Narita were the top three connecting hubs for passengers travelling between the two cities.

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