Message for the Day… ” What is Real worship and real Devotion ….”?

Take the Lord to be your father or mother, but only as a first step leading to a lasting relationship that ends in merging with the absolute. Do not pause on the steps; enter the mansion to which they lead. The connection with the soul (Atmasambandha) is an everlasting and unchanging association. As a first step, you offer flowers, lamp, incense to worship the attributeful form. Soon, your devotion should move on to newer offerings that are purer and more valuable and worthier of your Lord. No one sticks to the slate for long; you too should feel that you must place before the Lord something more lasting than flowers and incense. You must feel like purifying yourself and making your entire life one fragrant flame. That is real worship, real devotion. Do not come to Me with hands full of trash, for how can I then fill them with Grace? Come with empty hands and carry away My treasure, My love.



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