“Let Me Show Your Love and Grace to Others as You Have Done for Me “…

Take off with Natarajan

Today on this day and always ,I just wanna bow down in front of my creator and say…
You, God are the Giver of gifts,
the Lord of perfect understanding.
I am a mere beggar at Your Door
What should I beg for?
Nothing remains permanent
O Lord, Please , Bless me
with Your Beloved Name !!

Baba,  I Thank You for all the unexpected Happiness you shower upon us. I know deep inside my heart that all these feelings are mere my illusion and will not be there forever. But still , I Thank You from the bottom of my heart to the bottom of my soul for this present moment cos sometimes in these little moments the whole life time experience changes. May You bless us all with Happy Moments that make our heart and soul smile in such a way that even if death knocks on our door today–we know…

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