Message for the Day…

What is the root cause of discontentment? It is envy. This has been the besetting human vice from the beginning of time. Only when envy is eradicated from the heart will one have self-satisfaction. The contented person enjoys peace. How does envy arise? When one compares oneself with those who are better off, who hold higher offices, score higher marks or are more handsome. Thus, it arises when one suffers from a consciousness of one’s own inferiority; it is basically discontent over what one lacks. To get rid of this evil quality one has to look at those who are worse off than oneself. In due course one develops a sense of equal-mindedness both towards those who are better off and those who are worse. Such equal-mindedness is a Divine quality. There is nothing wrong in aspiring for higher positions. But one should not feel envious about those who are in such positions. It is a crime to entertain such feelings.

Source: Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam – February 11, 2017



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