Message for the Day…”

In ancient times, the sages and saints sacrificed everything for the sake of the welfare of humanity. Even the youth of those times followed suit. They are remembered even today because of their spirit of selfless sacrifice. On the contrary, the youth of today are becoming exceedingly greedy and totally selfish and harbouring feelings of hatred and jealousy. While those in the ancient times were leading a life of Thyaga and Yoga (sacrifice and sense control) the present day youth want to lead a life of bhoga (worldly enjoyments and pleasures), which will only result in roga (diseases). So long as one goes on multiplying desires, one will continue to be in want. When the desires are controlled, prosperity is attained. Greed makes one unhappy and miserable. Only when greed and miserliness are given up can one have an enjoyable and peaceful life.

Source: Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam – February 14, 2017



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