Message for the Day…”

Activity finds fulfilment when wisdom dawns. Sanctified action (Karma) is the path to attain spiritual wisdom (Jnana). Every worthwhile activity must result in purifying the mind. Therefore, no one, not even a recluse or monk can desist from engaging in good deeds. These deeds must originate spontaneously and should not leave any trace of pride in the mind. Nor should any attachment to the result of the deed lead to a craving for claiming it for oneself. Renunciation must be the only source of joy. The Gita recommends ‘inaction in action’ and asserts that ‘inaction’ is the most rewarding ‘action’ for those who strive for supreme peace. This attitude is named Karma Sanyasa (non-attachment to action). Action or activity is generally associated with the body only, but the mind is also busy with the world. The Atma alone is the unaffected witness. So, the secret of ‘inaction in action’ lies in taking refuge in the Atma and in recognising all living beings as fundamentally the Atma.

Source: Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam – February 016, 2017



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