Message for the Day…”

Education today highlights the accumulation of things. But giving up is equally needed. Renunciation is not a loss; it is highly profitable, as you acquire joy thereby. Renunciation means freedom, surrender to God and surrender to love. God is love. Love can be known only through expansion of love. When students leave schools and colleges and involve themselves in families, societies, communities and countries, they must set examples of simplicity, humility and mutual service. They must anchor their lives in Righteousness (Dharma) and wisdom (Jnana). So teachers and parents must imbibe it in themselves and instruct students. That will help them lead model lives and lead others to earn peace and calm. You must learn, more than anything else, discipline and patience. Life is an exercise in the sadhana of ‘give and take.’ Do not derive delight from ‘taking’ alone. ‘Give’ and you get the right to ‘take’.

Source: Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam – February 20, 2017


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