Message for the Day…

For the wisdom of the ancient sages to dawn on every individual when they most need it, elders must set an example of discrimination (Viveka) and detachment (Vairagya). If they run after sensory pleasures with feverish excitement, how can the younger generation be blamed for their selfishness and greed? Elders must practice what they preach, show how divine life confers joy, mental poise, contentment and real happiness. They must spend some time every day in reciting the Lord’s name or in meditation, then the children too will imbibe that and acquire the means to attain peace for themselves. People say that there is nothing as sweet as the name of the Lord, but do not repeat it at all. The road is spoilt by neglect and wanton destruction, but they advise the children to walk along it. They will discover the hoax. As a matter of fact, the responsibility of any person who holds forth an ideal is great, for the person has to attempt to reach it oneself while advising others to adopt it.

Source: Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam – February 21, 2017  .


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