Message for this Day…Maha Shivrathri

On Shivaratri day you must try to establish friendship between your mind and God. Shivarathri is to remind you that the same Divinity is all-pervasive and is found everywhere. People believe Shiva lives in Kailasa. Where is Kailasa? Kailasa is your own joy and bliss. It signifies that Lord Shiva lives in the Kailasa of delight. If you develop joy and delight in your mind, then Shiva lives in you. How can you get this joy? It comes when you develop purity, steadiness and sacredness. Then your heart becomes filled with peace and bliss and is indeed Shiva’s Kailasa! Shiva will live in the sanctum sanctorum of your heart, within the temple which is your body. There is no use in just thinking of Shivaratri once a year. Every minute, every day, every night, you should think of Divinity and sanctify your time, for the Time Principle truly speaking is Shiva





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