Message for the Day…

Source: Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam – February 25, 2017

Ratri’ or Night signifies darkness. ‘Shiva’ means auspiciousness. So, ‘Shivaratri’ speaks of an auspiciousness which is inherent in darkness. It refers to the wisdom which exists in the midst of ignorance. Ignorance and wisdom are not distinct; they are basically the same. They are the opposite polarities of the same underlying principle. The state that transcends both wisdom and ignorance is Divinity (Paratatva). It is a stage which is not associated with any coming or going, where birth and death do not occur. So long as there is birth for the body, death has to follow. What is it that has taken birth? Is it the Atma? No. It is only the body which has taken birth. Remember, you are the eternal, never changing Atma. Light has value only when there is darkness. Therefore in times of trouble and sorrow, whenever problems arise, remember to evoke the principle of Divinity, which will shed illumination and light!




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