Message for the Day…

No sadhana or spiritual exercise is greater than controlling the senses. All spiritual practices such as japa (chanting the Lord’s name) and tapa (penance) will be of no avail if senses are not controlled. You may be under the impression that it is not possible for a human being to control the senses. Here control does not mean total cessation. Discharge your duties as a householder, student or businessman. But whatever you do, do it with a feeling that all actions are performed to please God (Sarva Karma Bhagavad Preetyartham). You feel that arpitam (total surrender) to God is rather difficult, but according to Me, nothing is easier than this. Once you develop this feeling, all your senses will naturally be controlled. Ancients have said that bliss lies in visualising and experiencing your true form, that is, the Principle of the Atma. Proper utilisation of the senses will lead to the knowledge of the Atma.




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