Message for the day…

It is the consciousness in the physical body that enables man to enjoy the pleasures derived from the objects experienced through the senses. Once the truth, that humans alone have the ability to seek the everlasting by giving up attachment to the body, is realised, the divine nature of consciousness will become clear. Then, every action can be regarded as an offering to the Divine. Work will then be transformed into worship. When the identification of the Self with the body goes, action which may seem to be done for personal enjoyment can be converted into actions of dedication to the Divine. When actions are performed in this unselfish spirit, one can experience a sense of liberation and enjoy bliss that is beyond understanding. It all begins with the control of the senses, which is in fact the first stage in Self-realisation. It must be taken up early in one’s life. One should not wait till old age to embark on this vital exercise. When death knocks at the door and one is surrounded by one’s wailing kith and kin, there may be no time to think of God. Begin the Godward journey from now on.




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