Message for the Day…

Though the source of peace and bliss is within, people seek them in the external, like one pursuing a mirage. Owing to restless activity, endless worry and limitless desires, peace of mind is lost and it has become prey to discontent and misery. At the outset, peace has to be cultivated within ourselves. And then that peace has to be extended to the family. From the home it should be spread to our village. Thus, peace should begin with the individual and spread to the whole society. In the Sai organisation, efforts are made to propagate the values of Truth, Righteousness, Love, Peace and Nonviolence. This is only propagation, but not practice (or demonstration). Mere preaching is of no avail. Of all the virtues, love is the foremost. If love is fostered, all other qualities flow from it. Our degradation is the result of forgetting God. When we remember God, our life will be filled with peace and happiness.




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