Message for the Day…

All of you have five advisors in your life. They are: “Who, When, Where, What and How”. Before undertaking any action, you must get answers for these five questions. When you get the correct answers for these, the actions based on them, will naturally be right conduct. Unfortunately, most people today act without any concern for these factors. All of you must exercise your own judgement using your powers of observation and discretion, using all the God-gifted instruments to you through the form of organs of perception and action. In every limb of yours, there is divine potency. That divine potency is called ‘Angirasa’. This name is derived from the fact that God is present in every limb (Anga) as an essence (Rasa). Hence, there is no need to search for God outside yourself. You are Divine. All your powers are your divine potencies.

Source: Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam – March 03, 2017


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