Message for the Day…

All of you have vast resources of powers. When you do not utilise them while discharging duties to yourself and to the society that sustains you, you are only becoming a target for ridicule. When you are on a railway station platform, waiting for the train that is due and you hear the announcement that it will arrive five hours later, how do you feel? Don’t you fling abusive words at the train? When the mere coaches receive from you such a treatment, how much worse treatment would you deserve if you do not fulfill your duty and your responsibilities to the society? Utilise your skills and learning as consistently and effectively as duty demands. Unless used, even a watch gets rusted, what can be said therefore of unused skill? The body has not been granted by God to be fed, well clothed and to be paraded around in pride. The body has to be exercised to keep it trim as a tool for serving others.




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