Message for the Day…

I have come to reform you. I will not leave you until I do that. Even if you get away before I do that, do not think you can escape Me, I will hold on to you. I am not worried if you leave Sai, for I am not anxious that there should be a huge gathering here and a big following around Me. Who invited all of you here? Without any printed invitation, thousands are coming to Sai. But, of one thing, be assured. Whether you come to Me or not, you are all Mine. This Sai Mata (Mother of all) has the love of a thousand mothers towards Her children; that is why I do so much lalana (fondling) and so much palana (protecting). If I appear to be angry, remember, it is only love in another form that I use to evince my disappointment when you do not shape up in line with my guidance.




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