Message for the Day…

The mind is the wind that brings to us the smell – foul or fragrant from the world. When the mind turns towards foul, it makes you disgusted. When it turns towards the fragrant, you become happy. The wind gathers the cloud from four quarters; similarly your mind brings into your consciousness many disappointments. It is also the same mind of yours, which scatters away the clouds that darken it or make it feel lost in the night of doubt. Control the mind and you will remain unruffled at all times. This is the secret to undisturbed peace – Shanti, and this is the education that all of you must first secure firmly. To gain this equanimity, you do not need high degrees, but systematic spiritual effort (Sadhana). Then you will be always happy, whether you are poor or rich, appreciated or criticised, prosperous or unlucky. That is an armour without which it is foolish to enter the arena of life.




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