Message for the Day…

Each and every one of you has a great deal of concentration. You know the art, for every task requires it and everyone benefits from good concentration. The carpenter, the weaver, the clerk, the boatman – all have it in a greater or lesser degree. Use that power of concentration for the task of directing the mind, towards its own goodness. Examine its working and train it to restrict itself to good company, good thoughts and good deeds. Practice meditation on any form of the Lord and repeat any name of the Lord with the awareness of its sweetness. That will teach your mind to be sharp and produce good music out of the joys as well as the griefs that are incidental to life. If the arena of life is entered just for getting sensory joy, you are in for all kinds of trouble. It is like sailing in a tiny boat on a storm-tossed sea without a rudder. So enter upon the path of spiritual discipline now itsel 




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