Message for the Day…

Remember, like underground water, the Divine is there in everyone. The Lord is the Indweller in all beings; He is All-pervading. He is the Soul (Atma) of every being. He is in you as much as in everyone else. He is not more in a rich person or bigger in a fat being; His spark illumines the cave of the heart of every one. The sun shines equally on all; His Grace is falling evenly on all. It is only you that erect obstacles that prevent the rays of His Grace from warming you. Do not blame the Lord for your ignorance or foolishness or perversity. Just as underground water wells up in a gushy spring when a bore is sunk down to that depth, by constant chanting of the Divine Name, touch the spring of Divinity, so that one day it gushes out plentifully, granting you coolness and unending joy.




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