Message for the Day…

You know only the present, what is happening before your eyes; you do not know that the present is related to the past and is preparing the course of the future. Each birth wipes out the memory of the one already experienced. People do not realise that the end of this cycle of birth and death is in their own hands. The tree came from the seed and the seed from the tree and so on, since the beginning of time. You may not know which came first – tree or seed, but you should know that you can easily put an end to the cycle by frying the seed. A fried seed will not sprout again! You claim to have mastered your senses and all low desires, but they sprout at the very first opportunity, just like grass that grows after the first summer shower. Just as you seek the udder of the cow for the milk it gives, seek only the Lord and His Glory in Nature. As a matter of fact, Nature is useful only when it adds to the wonder and awe that it is able to provoke and sustain.




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