Message for the Day…

God is not attracted by learning or scholarship, which does not lead anywhere except towards egoism and pride. God is drawn only by pure devotion. Bring to Me, whatever troubles you have, I shall take them on and give you bliss! You rush to the temple or Prasanthi Nilayam and crave to get a darshan! What greater sign of devotion is needed than this yearning? But, this love is not enough! In fact, it does not mean much at all! What is needed is the regulation of that Love, in the form of virtue and service. If you succeed in that, you truly achieve something. Renunciation and divine love should reverberate the atmosphere, and silence as the discipline should fill the place. Have the Name of the Lord on your tongue and the form of your chosen Lord before your eye. If you shape yourself this way, the place where you stand will become Kashi and your home will become Badri.




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