Message for the Day…

Do not tell me that you are completely satisfied with the delusion of worldly pleasures and do not care about bliss and peace! Trust Me, your basic nature abhors this dull, dreary routine of eating, drinking and sleeping, and is seeking earnestly something which it knows it has lost, which is contentment (Shanthi). In their heart of hearts, everyone craves for liberation from bondage to the trivial and temporary, and this is available at only one shop – the contemplation of the Highest Self, which is the source of all that is seen! However high a bird may soar, sooner or later, it seeks to perch on a tree top, to enjoy the quietness. So too, a day will come, when even the most haughty, the most willful, the most unbelieving and even those who assert that there is no joy or peace in contemplation of the Lord, will have to pray, “Oh Lord, grant me peace, grant me consolation, strength and joy!”




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