Message for the Day…

Like the kitten calling the mother to where it sits by merely mewing, all that the true devotee needs to do is just yearn for the Lord! A mere mew with the pain of separation will win His heart. The growing crop in the fields thirsts for rain. It sees the heavy rain clouds sail across the sky, but it cannot rise up to that altitude, nor can it bring the clouds down to the ground. Humanity too sizzles in the hot sun, the unbearable heat of ego and greed. It needs the rain of grace; it knows only then it can flourish in peace and joy. Just as the clouds form droplets and fall upon the fields that they choose to foster, the Formless Absolute individualises Itself, assumes form, and comes down in the midst of humanity to save and sustain. That is the secret of God (Madhava) coming down as man (manava). Once the rains come, the sun has its uses! So too, when the grace of the Lord is gained, ego and greed can be put to profit by being made to flow into useful channels.




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