Message for the Day…” Practice First and then Preach “

An old year is gone by and a new year has come, and people joyfully celebrate the arrival of the new year. Do you know how many centuries have elapsed since the history of mankind? There is no use turning back and watching the road traversed – your duty is to watch the road ahead and march steadily towards your goal. It is lack of faith that causes you to lose temper and fly into fits of anger; it is lack of faith in yourself and in others. If you see yourself as truly the undefeatable Divine Self and everyone around you as your reflections, just as the scriptures declare them to be, you will never be provoked to get angry. What you must resolve today in the auspicious New Year is to march steadily on the spiritual path to manifest your Divinity. Resolve to do this one thing – Practice first, and then preach!




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