Message for the Day…”What is the true Significance of celebrating the New Year …”

Celebrate festivals by understanding and experiencing their true significance. Right from this moment, embark on a new life giving up bad thoughts and bad qualities. Purify your heart and your life will become blissful. There is no point in reading sacred texts or visiting noble souls unless you purify your heart. Let your thoughts, words and deeds be sacred. This is the true significance of celebrating New Year. When you undertake any task with a sacred heart, you will certainly meet with success. You all believe you are devoted to Sai, then you must adhere to My teachings strictly. Fill your lives with love. Stop criticizing others. Respect even those who hate you. Hatred is a bad quality. It will ruin you. Hence, get rid of this evil. Love everyone. When you follow My teachings, you will certainly achieve sacred results and earn a good name. Give up selfishness and dedicate your life for others well-being.




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