Message for the Day…”Service to God is Devotion…”

Devotion (Bhakti) is the highest form of Love. “Service to God is Devotion” say the Scriptures. Devotion means constant contemplation of God. The term Bhakti is derived from the root Bhaj meaning to worship. Devotion means loving contemplation of God, repetition of His Name, worshipping Him and doing penance for Him. Service to the Lord is the highest expression of devotion. There is nothing that is not attainable through loving service to the Divine. Devotion does not mean merely doing bhajans or performing puja. These forms of devotion at present are based on some kind of self-interest and self-seeking. True devotion should be an expression of love from within. Devotion is not something to be proclaimed or demonstrated. True devotion must be free from selfishness of all kinds. Exhibitionistic devotion will definitely result in disaster.




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