Message for the Day…”What is the easiest path to realise God …?”

Embodiments of Love! Human life is precious, noble and virtuous. It is a pity human beings do not realise this or forget it often. The whole purpose and goal of human life is to know one’s true nature. Forgetting one’s true nature, you are caught up in worldly concerns and plunged in misery. The ancient sages have indicated the path to be pursued for the redemption of mankind. They commended nine forms of worship (Nava-Vidha Bhakti), any one of which could confer bliss and redeem any individual’s life. To experience the proximity of the Divine the easiest path is Namasmarana, remembering constantly the name of the Lord. Sage Veda Vyasa declared that in this Kali Yuga there is nothing greater than chanting the name of Hari for realising God. It is the easiest path for one and all, be it the scholar or illiterate, the rich or the poor.




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