In a Madurai Bus Stand, Mothers with Hungry Infants Get Free Milk Thanks to This Man…

Eight years ago, Guna Suresh was travelling to Chennai with his family, when the bus got stuck at Koyambedu bus terminal at noon. His brother had a baby with him, who was crying for milk. They managed to find a milk shop but later found out that the milk they bought was spoilt.

After this incident, Guna realised how important access to milk for babies was, especially in situations like this. He decided he wanted to provide free milk to infants across the country. At his shop in Maatuthavani bus stand in Tamil Nadu, hundreds of women can be seen walking with their infants in their arms.

This is where Guna provides free milk to them whenever they visit his shop.

“The milk is pure and never spoilt,” he told Edex Live, adding, “On a regular day, at least 20 infants are given milk. The number goes up when the crowd gets bigger during festivities. We offer milk to underprivileged mothers as well,” he adds.

Guna’s shop is easy to spot at the bus stand, with a board that mentions his service of providing free milk. Women read the board and happily avail his service.

Profits mean nothing Guna. It is the satisfaction he gets when he helps these women and their babies which matters to him the most. He has been urging other shopkeepers near other bus stands in Tamil Nadu to provide similar services to women. He also says that as his financial status improves, he will do more to help them.

Source….Deepika  Bharadwaj in http://www.the



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