Message for the Day …

For Myself I can say, I shower more blessings on those who decry or defame Me. For, those who spread falsehoods about Me derive joy therefrom; I am happy that I am the cause for their exultation and joy! You too must accept this line of argument and be very happy when someone derives joy by defaming you. Do not respond by defaming that person; then, the chain of hatred will bind both and drag both of you down. Life will become a tragedy. Conquer anger by means of fortitude; conquer hatred by love. Do not feed anger with retaliation; do not feed hatred with fury. Forget and forgive all that has happened amongst you until this very moment; start a new chapter of love and brotherhood from now on. Goodness is Godliness. Never talk ill of others; spend your time in showering love, and in mutual help. Love, Love, Love, first Love.. Love as long as life lasts.


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