Message for the Day…” Once You seek refuge in the Lotus Feet of God , You should never give up .”

The power of divine name is unparalleled. Once you seek refuge in the lotus feet of God, you should never give up. Wherever you go, the divine feet will protect you. If you install the divine name firmly in your heart, your life will become sanctified. That is true devotion (bhakti). That is your power (shakti). That will bestow liberation (mukti). It is only to make people realise this truth that the spiritual practice of akhanda bhajan is prescribed for devotees at least once in a year. The word ‘akhanda’ implies chanting the divine name non-stop for 24 hours. During Akhanda Bhajan you may go home for any purpose, for example, to take food. But continue to do namasmaranawhile attending to any work in your house. You may attend to all your needs, constantly remembering God while doing so. That is the essence of Lord Krishna’s message in the Gita, “Mam anusmara yuddhya ca” (keep Me ever in your mind and fight till the end).


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