Message for the Day…” Aspire now, adore now, achieve now….”

When the Lord’s name is pronounced by your tongue, and the image is adored by the mind, these should not degenerate into mechanical routine; the meaning of the Name and the content of the form must at the same time inspire and illumine the consciousness. Escape the routine; involve yourselves in the attitude of worship deeply and sincerely. That is the way to earn peace and content, for which all human activity ought to be dedicated and directed. Planting the sapling of the cotton-tree, how can you hope for the mango? Do it now! That is the urgency of this problem of all problems, of winning peace and contentment. If you feel hungry now, you cannot have your meals tomorrow; nor do you eat your meals now fearing that you will be hungry tomorrow. Eat when you are hungry – not before or after. Aspire now, adore now, achieve now.




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