Message for the Day…” Learn the Lesson From The Great Ocean …”

Lord Dakshinamurthy was walking along a wide seashore alone, immersed in deep meditation. He saw a dry little twig on the crest of a wave in the distance being passed on from one wave to another, from trough to crest, from crest to trough, until it was cast on the sands on the shore. He was astounded at the egoism of the Ocean that would not give asylum to even a tiny twig. Sensing His reaction, the Ocean declared, in words that He could understand, “Mine is neither egoism nor anger; it is only the duty of self-preservation. I should not allow the slightest blot to deface my grandeur. If I allow this twig to mar my splendour, it will be the first step in my downfall.” Then, Dakshinamurthy smiled admiring the vigilance of the mighty Ocean. He pictured the incident as a great lesson in spiritual endeavour. The slightest twig of desire, if it falls on the mind, has to be immediately lifted out of the pure waters and thrown off. That was the lesson to be learnt.



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