Message for the Day….” Who are the True Friends …?”

While in this transient world you have a sore need of someone of your kind to whom you can communicate your feelings, share your discoveries, depressions, moments of bliss and sorrow. Someone who can be by your side while trekking the hard road to truth and peace, encouraging and enthusing you towards the goal. Friends who can confer real counsel, comfort and consolation are precious gifts, rarely found today. Friendship must bind two hearts and affect both beneficially, whatever may happen to either – loss or gain, pain or pleasure. Each must correct the other, for each knows that they come from sympathy and love. Each must be vigilant that the other does not slide from the ideal, cultivate habits that are deleterious, or hide thoughts and plans that are evil. The honour of each is in the safekeeping of the other. Each trusts the other and places reliance on the other’s watchful love. Only those deserve the name ‘friends’, who help in uplifting life, cleansing ideals, elevating emotions and strengthening resolves.



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