Message for the Day… ” Lessons to be learnt from a WATCH …”

Students! You are embodiments of the Divine! There are two aspects of Vidya or education that you have to master: Vijnana – understanding the world around us, or science, and also Prajnana – the higher learning, the art of controlling the inner feelings and the many layers of Consciousness. Benefactors and beneficiaries of the educational field, listen to this: Each student has a watch on the wrist. And, you look at the watch at least a hundred times a day. Well, learn from the watch this great lesson. When you watch the watch, remember the five letters of the word, WATCH; each is giving you a fine lesson for life: ‘W’ tells you, “Watch your Words”; ‘A’ warns you, “Watch your Action”; ‘T’ indicates, “Watch your Thoughts”; ‘C’ advises, “Watch your Character”; and ‘H’ declares, “Watch your Heart.” When you are consulting your watch, imbibe this lesson that the watch is imparting!



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