Message for the Day…. ” What is the Greatness of Human Birth and Purpose of being Human ….”

If you have a fully equipped car in good running condition, would you keep it in the garage? The car is primarily for going on a journey; won’t you get into it and drive? So it is with your human body. The human birth has been given to you for a grand purpose – realising the Lord within. Proceed towards the goal. Learn how to use the faculties of the body, the senses, the intellect and the mind, for achieving the goal and march on. To achieve this great consummation, you must take one step after another. Good deeds like ritual worship, repetition of holy names, meditation, observance of vows, etc., are the ‘steps’; good thoughts like prayer for greater discrimination and more chances to serve others also help. Slowly and steadily cleanse the mind, sharpen the intellect, purify the senses, and win the Lord’s grace. You have come, prompted by Divine Love; cultivate and share that selfless divine love with all.



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