Message for the Day….” The Two obstacles which stand in the way of our Spiritual Progress….”

There are two obstacles which prevents spiritual progress despite your valuable efforts. The first is the tendency to compare yourself with others. This is very wrong. No two individuals are identical. Even identical twins grow in distinct ways. Billions of human beings are on the earth, but which is the press which has given each of them a novel imprint? This is God’s glory. God creates every individual, with their distinct nature, quality, potentiality and destiny. How then can anyone compare themselves with another and either exult or despair? How can you be proud that you are better than others? Second obstacle is, we are in the habit of justifying our faults, rationalising our errors and avoiding the responsibility of facing them squarely and correcting them. These two attitudes thicken one’s ignorance and breed further failings. Everyone has God as the Source. Remember that all are kith and kin, through God from Whom we have come!



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