Message for the Day…. ” Whatever good value you desire to follow, first grasp its real meaning. Then, you must cultivate it daily and benefit from it. “

Righteousness (Dharma) has no prejudice or partiality; it is imbued with truth and justice. People must adhere to right-conduct (dharma); they must see that they never go against it. It is wrong to deviate from it. The path of dharma requires people to give up hatred against others and cultivate mutual concord and amity. Through concord and amity, the world will grow day by day into a place of happiness. If these are well established, the world will be free from disquiet, indiscipline, disorder, and injustice. By this means, wisdom grows and lasting joy is earned. The wise, who are impartial and unprejudiced, who are committed to living in dharma,walk on the path of truth (Sathya), as instructed in the Vedas. That is the path for all people today.



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