Message for the Day…. ” God always showers HIS Grace on inner Purity , not outer pomp….”

‘Gita Govindam’, a book of songs on Govinda by the great poet Jayadeva of Odisha, is an immortal portrayal of Radha Bhakti (the love the devotee Radha had for Lord Krishna) in its manifold manifestations. Jayadeva expressed it with such charm and clarity that even the man behind the plough sang those songs and filled his heart with divine delight. King Lakshmana Sena, was stricken with envy at this and prepared a parallel book of songs and ordered that they be sung, instead of Jayadeva’s outpourings, in all the temples in Odisha, including the Jagannath Temple at Puri. When his order was receded with universal protest, the king laid both the books at Lord’s Feet, locked the shrine and kept it under strict vigilance. When the doors were opened in the morning, the king saw the Lord having Jayadeva’s Gita Govindam in His hand, while his rival book written out of envy and pride was thrown away. The Lord had announced that He showers Grace on inner purity, not outer pomp.

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