Message for the Day…” Meditation is like learning a bicycle ride…”

Do not get discouraged that you are not able to concentrate for long when you meditate, or progress much spiritually. When you learn to ride a bicycle, you do not get the skill of keeping the balance immediately. You push the cycle along to an open ground, hop and skip, leaning now to one side and now to the other, and even terribly failing with the cycle falling upon you on many an attempt, before you are able to ride with skill. But once you get it, you never again have to worry about the balance. Automatically, you are able to make the necessary adjustments to correct the balance, is it not? After getting this skill, you can ride even through narrow streets and lanes; you do not need an open road. You can negotiate your vehicle through the most crowded thoroughfares. So too, consistent and steady practice will equip you with a concentration that will sustain you in the densest of surroundings and the most difficult situations.


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