Message for the Day ….” What is the Genuine Deepawali …. “

The home (griha) where the Lord’s Name is not heard is a dark cave (guha)! As you enter home, as you leave it, and while you are in it, perfume it, illumine it and purify it with His Name. Light it as a lamp at dusk and welcome it at dawn as you welcome the Sun. That is the genuine Deepavali, the festival of lamps. Firmly believe that the Name is the boat which will help you cross the sea of worldly life. The Name is more efficacious than the contemplation of the Form. On this Deepavali Day, resolve to light the lamp of Namasmarana (chanting the Name of God) and place it at your doorstep, the lips. Feed it with the oil of devotion, let steadiness be the wick. Let the lamp illumine every minute of your life. The splendour of the Name will drive darkness from outside you as well as from within you. You will spread joy and peace amongst all who come near you.

Source ::::::::: media.radiosai


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