Message for the Day….” Sahaja Bhakti…Vishesha Bhakti and Para Bhakti ….”

How long can you stagnate in the same class of devotion? Have you no wish to get promoted to the next higher class? In devotion (Bhakti), there are two classes, Sahaja-bhakti and Vishesha-bhakti. Sahaja-bhakti is satisfied with puja (worship), vrata (observing ritual worship), bhajan, namasmaran, (group singing, remembrance of Lord), pilgrimage, etc. Visesha-bhakti craves for purity of character, suppression of impulses, control of the mind, practice of daya, prema, shanti, ahimsa (compassion, love, peace and nonviolence), etc., and inquiry into the why and wherefore of man. It is a matter of shame that people stick to the same class of sahaja-bhakti year in and year out. When you clear these two, there is another higher class named Para Bhakti (Seeing God everywhere), too. Cleverness can correct and solve external problems; concentrated sadhana alone can correct and solve the internal crisis fuming within.


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