Message for the Day….” Need for Balvikas in today’s scenario ….”

Balvikas is the primary basis of the great movement to restore righteousness (dharma) in the world. The ideal of the Balvikas is to raise a generation of boys and girls who have a clean and clear conscience. Children must be led into good ways of living, into simplicity, humility and discipline. As you know, you cannot draw children to your side if you hold a stick in your hand; you will have to hold some sweets instead. So the gurus have to be embodiments of love and patience. The actual syllabus is not so important as the creation of an atmosphere where noble habits and ideals can grow and fructify. The pupils follow Balvikas discipline and curriculum only for one day in the week and attend their usual schools on the other days. So the impact of the guru has got to be extra strong if it has to act as a catalyst in the process of modification of the behaviour patterns of these children.



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