How to get transcripts from Madras University?

I recently had to get my transcripts sent to a university in the US directly from Madras University. The whole process can be quite frustrating, but it is pretty simple and straight forward if you follow the below steps in the given order. This is my experience as of Jan 2020

Please note, you will need to take your original transcript with you. The process below assumes that you have all your originals with you. If you don’t have your originals, you will have to first get it from a different department and I am not covering that here.

Step 1: Photocopies before going to the university

Take an additional photocopy of your original transcripts, e.g. if you need to send one copy to your target university and one to your evaluating agency like WES or CED, then you need 3 photocopies as you will need to submit 1 copy to Madras University. Take a photocopy of your Govt. issued photo ID (driving license, aadhar card, etc.)

Step 2: At the university – USAB First time

Location of Madras University if you have never been there. Ask for USAB, location of USAB within Madras University Show the person inside your originals and the photocopies. They will tell you the amount for which you need to get a Demand Draft (they charge Rs. 300 per copy) and will give an Endorsement form for DD.

Step 3: At the bank

Once you get the endorsement form, take it to the bank, there are 2 banks within the campus (SBI and Indian bank), I did not have luck with both of them and I was told by others this is a usual problem, rather wasting time at the 2 banks, get it from banks outside. There are plenty of banks outside. The DD should be on THE REGISTRAR, UNIVERSITY OF MADRAS

Step 4: At the University – USAB Second time

Once you get the DD head to the post office within the campus (this is just behind the USAB office) and get one extra cover (get it from the old lady sitting outside the post office) just like the photocopy. Head back to the USAB department with the DD and the cloth covers and submit them. You will be given a receipt, make sure you do this before 4 p.m. You will be given a date to collect the attested transcripts.

Step 5: At the Univeristy – USAB third time

On the given date and time, collect the attested transcript and sealed envelope. Then head to the post office and ask for form for the transcript, get the form and take it back to USAB and get a seal on it.

Step 6: At the post office

Fill the form from the previous step, if in doubt ask for help and stick this form on the back of the envelope. On the front fill the destination address, seal the envelope and take it to the counter. Pay for it and you are done. Please do this before 3 p.m. else you will be asked to come back the next day.

Hopefully, these steps will help you all obtaining the transcripts and successfully send them to your desired university. The staff are friendly, however, there is no proper information and you will have run around multiple times.

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