Message for the Day…

Develop the quality of ‘Kshama’ (forbearance and forgiveness) and refrain from harshness in speech at all times. Sai is the best example of this. Many people have indulged in calumny and criticism, but I remain totally unaffected and adhere firmly to what I deem as good. You too must realize that if you give up forbearance and forgiveness, you will have no peace. I am always at peace, because, I am always patient. You must also remain likewise. Whatever anyone may do to you, do not bother about it. What is it that you lose on account of their behavior? You have no idea of your own strength or weaknesses. If you resort to retaliation, you will only worsen your own condition. So bravely face such attacks and do not allow yourself to get agitated over them. You must win others by your forbearance. Make forbearance your life-breath and your ideal.




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