Message for the Day…

Seeing a glass half filled with water, the optimist is glad that the glass is half-full, while the pessimist is sad that it is half-empty. Though both the statements are correct the optimist hopes to fill the other half too, while the pessimist gives up in despair. The optimist has faith, the pessimist has no faith to sustain him – this is the key difference. Faith is power. Develop faith by steady effort. You all have faith in tomorrow following today and hence you take up activities and projects, that extend beyond this day! People with no faith cannot plan, they court misery due to their lack of faith! Faith must lead to effort. Through knowledge, faith and effort, wisdom can be attained. Equipped with these, you can scale great heights and emerge victoriously. Do not cultivate too much faith in things that are merely material. Develop deep faith in the eternally valid Truth – God!




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