Message for the Day…

Many discourage you from taking up spiritual practices and say that these can be taken up at a ripe old age, as if they are the prerogatives of, or special punishments for the aged! Enjoy the world while you can and then figure out the next – that seems to be the attitude of many! The child takes its first few steps in the safety of its home; it toddles about inside, until its steps become firm, until its balance is perfected, and then as it grows up steadily, it slowly ventures into the streets and the whole wide world. So too, every being must master the inner world first and become impervious to temptations. You should learn not to fall when the senses trip your steps; you should learn the balance of mind, which will not make you lean more to one side than to the other. After mastering this discriminatory wisdom, you can confidently move out into the outer world, without fear of accidents to your personality.




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