Message for the Day…

Man is saved by Vedanta, which is like the roar of the lion; it gives courage and enterprise; it makes one a hero. It does not whine or howl or cry. It instils the highest types of self-confidence. It is the strongest armour against the arrows of fate, a waterproof against the hailstorms of sensual pleasure. It is a curtain keeping out the mosquitoes of worry, which would otherwise rob you of sleep. With a Vedanta-saturated heart, you are a rock on the shore, unaffected by the waves of temptation. Vedanta challenges your spirit of adventure, your own reality. Board the train of spiritual discipline now and you will reach the terminus which is jnana (absolute knowledge of you and of all this). In a train journey you do not get down in the middle when some station attracts you. So too, in the spiritual journey the stations are karma (action), upasana (contemplation), and so on. You have to pass through them, but remember they are not the terminus. The terminus is Realisation.




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