Message for the Day…

Like a brass vessel that must be scrubbed with tamarind, washed and dried to shine like new, your mind also must be treated with goodness and service, repetition of the Lord’s name, execution of beneficial deeds, and contemplation of the well-being of all. The Sun is up here in the sky, every day. It is the passing clouds that sometimes hide it from your vision. Similarly, the sensory world is the cloud that hides the Divine Soul (Atma) who is ever shining in the firmament of your heart. The same mind that gathers the clouds can also disperse them in an instance! For, it is the wind that collects them from all the quarters and renders the sky dark. And in the next moment, they change the direction and send them in a scurry to wherever they came from! So too, your mind is all powerful. Train it to disperse the clouds of illusion, not gather them.




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